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I am Master Andreas, Adept of the Highest Order,

Teutonic Templar and High Priest of the German

Order of Alchemists. My family has for many

generations practiced Magicks of the Highest Order,

Hermetic, Alchemical and High Earth Ritual.























My ancestral family Schloss lies deep within the wilds of

the ancient mystical and mysterious region of the old

growth Hercynian and Black Forests of Germania and

near the Great Rhine Valley. For centuries my ancestors

controlled the gates between this world and that of

untold others often relegated to myth but all too real.

The realms of Spirits and Shades, Werewolves and

Vampires, Unicorns and Elvish creatures of all

types.The legends of the Schwarzwald are many and



I have left my home and many responsibilities there in the

capable hands of my brother Johann and have traveled

here to America to study and work with various

practitioners and followers of the many Paths of Magick.

It is my greatest wish that I might serve you here and

minister to your magick needs, providing Spells of many

types, various Spirit aides, guides and companions,

magickals both newly cast and ancient of years.


Magick is a Power that can greatly Enhance and Enrich

YOUR life! You need only reach out your hands to it

and pull it to you!








Make your life what YOU want it to be!




ALL Spells, Spirits and Magickals from Black Forest Magic

are 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.





Magick is not an instant miracle but a tool both to aide

and improve your life. It will not work if you put out

negative energy in regards to it's manifestation. Your

doubt and negativity can actually negate and nullify the

magick from working. The old saying "Believe to Receive"

is very true!


You must work WITH your chosen Spell(s) to bring

about the most positive and effective manifestation.

Watch for signs and follow them, take advantage of the

opportunities placed before you by the Forces of Magick

and manipulations of energetic intent.


A Gambling Spell will not make you win EVERY time

but it will help you win MORE. A Weight Loss Spell

will not work if you sit on the couch eating

'Bon-Bons'(or Snickers, Ice Cream, Pasta, etc...) every day,

all day long but it will alter your metabolism, give you

increased will power and thus faster weight loss if you try.


Remember-Magick is a powerful and useful tool to help

you achieve your desires if you only give it time, energy

and a serious commitment.


Magick is energy-pure and powerfully simple. Energy

that has been molded and finely focused by the Will of

the experienced Practitioner. Give this energy time to

infuse and bring about the positive change you desire.


Remember, each person and situation is different so time

lines in results will vary greatly.


Work with the magick, feel it, believe in it! Believe, Know

that what you desire WILL come to pass! Allow No

Doubts to cloud your mind and put negative energy out

into the Universe! Positive energy draws more positive

and negative energy pulls in more negative!

Remember-thoughts are energy too!